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2/2/11 07:36 am - clary171

im   gina  and  im  16  years  old  which  means  that  im  a  junior  at  pchs.  i  been  dancing  for  3  years,and  im  very  interested  in  ballet  and  pointe.  i  been   in  5   musical  productions and i  also  have  been  singing  since  i  was  in   3rd  grade. im  very  new   to  live  journal and  plezz  comment  if  u   have   any  advice  on  both  pointe  and  ballet.thanks

8/17/10 09:52 am - dreamsandjeans - Introduction!

Hello, everyone :) My name is Amy, and I'm 19 years old. I started dance when I was four years old and went until the age of twelve, then had to quit for a few years because of money issues. I got back into it with a focus on ballet at the age of 15/16, and have been dancing ever since! I've learned in styles of ballet, modern, jazz, funk, modern, contemporary, tap, and pom. I also was on my high school's dance team, and it was so much fun! I miss dressing up, being with good people, and competing. I'm currently in massage school, but when I'm done (two weeks!), I'm hoping to move to a city and work my way up to a ballet company. 

This looks like a good group of people! I can't wait to get involved here. Feel free to read my journal: dreamsandjeans 

12/12/09 05:59 pm - macy_lane - Help!

Hi, I'm new here. My name is Macy and I've been dancing for...five years give or take. I started ballet last year and went en pointe maybe more than a month ago. I do jazz as well which I'm a lot better at than ballet, but I really enjoy both. And I need help! I just started pointe work right, so I'm a little lost. I really need to break in my shoes. I've been on pointe for about a month and my arch is still stiff as a board...any suggestions? Also, I always feel like my ribbons are going to tear out...what does that mean?

12/5/09 12:30 pm - xo_riley_ox

New to the community so I’ll introduce myself! I’m Riley Alyssa. I’m 17 years old and have been dancing since I was 4 years old. I have taken ballet, tap, jazz, modern, acrobats, clogging, competition, lyrical, Pointe, hip hop, and musical theatre though the years. Since I started high school and have sports I am just doing tap, ballet, modern and hip hop. I competed for 7 years, and miss it so so much!! I have been offered to teach dance this year and last year, but I chose not to because of sports. Next year I will teach though, since it will be my last year, senior year in high school. Well, I hope this was a good introduction!!

Feel free to add my LJ! ♥

11/27/09 05:02 am - cottoncandah - A poll: Show us your bag

Hi, I'm new here. I'm going to start dancing soon in Feb. I just wanted to ask a fun poll.
Show us your dance bag(it doesn't have to be a personal pic)
What do you have in your dance bag?
I hope you guys like the poll

8/4/09 07:44 pm - ladychi_sxe

Hey, I have a question for you all. I love to dance like the dancing I did in high school dances kind of dancing. I love to make it my own and just feel the music and make dancing art out of it. I'm 23 and I'd love to find a place to do this again, because it makes me so happy to express myself and just do my own thing, although I do enjoy learning new moves too. Where can I go to find this kind of dancing, and how do I find it? Thanks for any help you can give me!

7/30/09 10:16 pm - samantha_tbh - hello =]

i just joined this community literally two seconds ago hahah.
so, hi, my name's sam. i'm 16 and i've been dancing since i was 2. ballet and tap since i was 2, jazz since i was 6 or 7, and lyrically since i was 13. that was all recreational.
this summer i did two one week sessions, which was three hours of dance every day monday through friday, and i'm now a part of my studio's competitive team.
that means i'm going to start doing modern, pointe, and production. and everything else got a lot harder.
so, i need to know how to do double, possibly triple turns. i can easily do a single, and i'm practicing my turns, but i'm still having some trouble. if you guys have any tips or anything of how you got yours, that'd be great =]

7/27/09 08:30 pm - puce_leprechaun - Cool Online Dance Comp

Choreographer Kelley Abbey (So You Think You Can Dance, Australia) has created a solo, performed by award-winning dancer Reed Luplau. This is the start of a two part challenge. Create your own take on the solo and then continue in your own unique style.

Kelley and a panel of judges will select ten finalists to move into the elimination rounds. The public will then decide the ultimate winner who will be brought to Sydney to perform at MyMutation Live ! Begin by going to YouTube and watching the instruction and demo videos.

Instruction Video-



7/19/09 07:13 pm - mirissa - Looking for FEEDBACK

hey I'm new to the community! I'm eighteen and I've been dancing since I was about 9 (i think that's right). I trying to get into choreography and such.
This is one of my first attempts and I'd like to see what some unbiased dancers think of it.
Sorry the audio is so off, it sounded much different in person.

7/6/09 10:24 am - gym_manic

Hey everyone,

I'm Loz, and I just joined. Ive done 4 years of ballet, however after a 6 month break Im trying to get back into it at 18 (developed anorexia and was pulled out of ballet for recovery).

Any way, I have a question. It was really depressing going back to dancing and discovering how much my technique had slipped, while others I used to be better than had gotten so much better. What are some daily exercises I can do to help me get my technique back? Im looking to get back into it asap, trying to get back en pointe and regain my stregnth so I can start variations again.

Any help, tips, advice, encouragment are greatly appreciated! 

Thanks in advance, and its lovely to meet you all =D
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