Amy (dreamsandjeans) wrote in ballettapjazz,


Hello, everyone :) My name is Amy, and I'm 19 years old. I started dance when I was four years old and went until the age of twelve, then had to quit for a few years because of money issues. I got back into it with a focus on ballet at the age of 15/16, and have been dancing ever since! I've learned in styles of ballet, modern, jazz, funk, modern, contemporary, tap, and pom. I also was on my high school's dance team, and it was so much fun! I miss dressing up, being with good people, and competing. I'm currently in massage school, but when I'm done (two weeks!), I'm hoping to move to a city and work my way up to a ballet company. 

This looks like a good group of people! I can't wait to get involved here. Feel free to read my journal: dreamsandjeans 
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