samanfa (samantha_tbh) wrote in ballettapjazz,

hello =]

i just joined this community literally two seconds ago hahah.
so, hi, my name's sam. i'm 16 and i've been dancing since i was 2. ballet and tap since i was 2, jazz since i was 6 or 7, and lyrically since i was 13. that was all recreational.
this summer i did two one week sessions, which was three hours of dance every day monday through friday, and i'm now a part of my studio's competitive team.
that means i'm going to start doing modern, pointe, and production. and everything else got a lot harder.
so, i need to know how to do double, possibly triple turns. i can easily do a single, and i'm practicing my turns, but i'm still having some trouble. if you guys have any tips or anything of how you got yours, that'd be great =]
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