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6/27/09 10:00 pm - kehittyminen - I'm quite nervous!

So I started doing cheer when I was about 9. Three years later I decided I wanted to do dance. My sister always told me I was better at dance than cheer (at the time, and she was also a cheerleader). I did dance for about 2 years and cheer at the same time. When I did dance I was doing all-stars and I was on the Jazz team. I learned my double within the first year (imo, that's pretty good for a year) and I learned how to pencil turn the next year. After those two years my parents decided they didn't want to pay for both cheer and dance so I was put into cheer. When I started high school, I just took a dance class at my school. I should have been in Dance 1 but I was placed in Dance 3. I then when back to cheer sophmore and junior year (started all-star cheer junior year). I continued to take the dance classes at my school up until senior year (2008-2009). I did all star cheer until about the 2nd competition because I hurt my wrist to the point where I could not stunt or tumble anymore.
Anyhow, the point is, I've decided that I want to start dance again and the college I'm going to offers classes. In order for me to be considered full time I need 12 units so to achieve this I will be enrolling in Modern Dance 1, Jazz Dance 1, and Hip-Hop 1. I know they are all different, but I kind of want it that way to explore different styles. In a way I'm nervous to start because I'm not sure if college dance 1 is any different.

Is anyone on here in College Dance 1 or taken a class. How would you say it is?
Thanks! :)

6/24/09 10:13 pm - justsoudnotice - Im Scared!

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Im leaving for school in the fall. I never intended to dance after highschool. It was never the plan. I started dancing when i was 14 so I had to catch up quickly. My dance teacher has become my best friend. She let me take all the classes I wanted and eventually I became a teacher at the studio. The school im going to doesnt have dance but its my perfect school. I practicely live at my studio. What am I gonna do with my days if Im not dancing 3 hours a day. Im scared the studio is my home. A day has not gone by since i was 14 that i havnt worn my pointe shoes, i thought this group would be a great way for me to cope with my seperation anxiety lol

6/15/09 08:32 pm - ashes_to_roses - I'm at my wit's end

Question for the ladies!

cut in case there are boys around ^_-Collapse )

also posted at ballerinas

10/14/08 11:54 am - bagoaslove - hi guys

hi guys my name is angie im new to ballet but i am in love with it im 18(i know a bit late to start ballet) but i think i can do it if i put my mind to it:),i cant wait to start meeting new friends here:)

9/24/08 10:04 pm - foamyismyfriend - new pointe shoes

Hey all :)
I've been taking dance on and off for pretty much all of my life but I stuck with ballet for the past 3 years and I was told last year I was ready for pointe. So I just went out and got my first pair of shoes and I wanted to know if you had any tips on breaking them in?


8/5/08 08:53 am - lovely_vicious - ballet

Can someone explain to me exactly what liturgical ballet is?

7/30/08 02:38 pm - lovelylilacs - Local Dancer's Support Association

Hi I've just started a group for dance support, the main idea is that I'm trying to make dance more accessible in my hometown since we don't have a good quality school and there are practically no benefits for those who want to study dance, and most of the people in my town are middle-class and have just enough to get by. So I'm forming a kind of non-profit company for people in highschool or older who have never studied dance before. I'm trying to make it so that they are not at a disadvantage quite as much since our town is a little far away from all the good schools. So, I'm trying to get the word around about this new concept, so please feel free to join my community and get the word out! Here's the link:


6/25/08 01:27 pm - 1012je - Saying hello

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to the whole LJ thing; by the time it was the big thing on college campuses, I'd already graduated. Anyway, I love dance, and I thought it would be nice to make some friends who do too. Besides, people who aren't into dance don't quite understand that feeling.

So, I danced for about 12 years, first in Europe where I grew up, and then some more classes States-side while I was in high school. After that, uni and life got in the way, and next thing you know, it had been 10 years since my last class. So this year I took the adult ballet/jazz (alternates by week) class at a local studio and realized just how much I missed it. For the summer, I'm taking lyrical and hip hop for a challenge; I think I'll do all three in the fall. I also do bellydance from a video series at home; I took a class for a while, but it got canceled, then moved, so I went back to home practice.

I have to say, being older (late 20s) and out of practice, this summer's been painful. But I love it ! Anyway, feel free to message me if you want to chat about dance or add me as a friend.

6/14/08 02:50 pm - aiviloq - Newbie

Hello dancers!

I am new to Live Journal and am looking for friends with similar interests. I have been dancing for 18 years in the areas of ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. Dance is my life. I love discussing real life issues.

I am new to whole idea of blogging but I have been doing great since I started. Feel free to add me as a friend or message me to start a discussion about dance. My favorite topic. I have written poetry pieces about dance and will probably post some on this page so you can check those out as well.

Keep on dancing and good luck to all who are going through auditions and classes!


4/5/08 09:02 pm - miricalestar - Need of New Pointe Shoes

So I've been wearing a pair of pointe shoes - Capezio Glisse, 6.5 Medium - for seventeen classes, and I need new shoes before these die out. For every point shoe that I have had, I always go over the box. It's a sad thing. I even broke a pair in a week, and on the first day I felt it becoming soft already. yucky.gif This always happens to me for every pair I wear, but I need a pair with a strong shank - as my teacher has suggested - or something like that. And I didn't do anything to my shoes at all. I just...wore them. XD

Pointe - First Flat
Pointe - Left Forced Arch
Pointe - Right Forced Arch
Pointe - Left Tendu
Pointe - Right Tendu
Pointe - First Releve
Pointe - Second Releve
Pointe - Right Sous-sus
Pointe - Left Sous-sus
Pointe - Parallel Flat
Pointe Shoes
Barefoot - Parallel Flexed
Barefoot - First Flat
Barefoot - First Releve
Barefoot - Left Tendu
Barefoot - Right Tendu

Hope this helps, and thanks again for everyone's help. I truly appreciate it!
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